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New Chapter Check it out.


They had apparated on a path near Nevilles  rather large manor home. At the end of the old, grand looking building lay an extremely modern looking Greenhouse. Harry and Ron began to trudge up the path and Ron muttered something under his breath about hoping Neville had recieved notice of their arrival. It was a rather blustery night and owl travel was not always as efficent in poor weather.
"He must have gotten it," reasoned Harry, "All the lights are on." 
   They went to the front door only to find it locked. Ron continued to pound away at it while Harry crept around back. He found a door on the outside of the green house and bade Ron follow him. Inside the air was thick and damp but it had a sort of clean smell that one can only find in a greenhouse. Their eyes scanned the room for any trace of Neville but nothing jumped out at them. This was a bit disheartening and Ron kicked a potted mandrake which was a rather large mistake on his part because the thing went rolling about until it came to rest under a table. By now the mandrake had been thoroughly shaken and began screaming in the pot. Harry attempted to cover his ears and Ron grabbed apair of earmuffs and set the pot upright again. The crying subsided but Ron had now found something more horrifying. On the table there lay a large plant of the venus flytrap variety  and out of its mouth dangled two riggling feet.
   They took action. Harry tried to pull the body out while Ron searched for a crowbar and they then pryed the giant mouth open to reveal a very confused Neville Longbottom.
   "Are you all right Neville?"
  "Yes fine. I've been in there all night studying the structure of the mandible and I guess I just lost track of time. She'd never eat me you know. I'm the only one who feeds her."
   " What does a thing like that eat?" said Ron quizically.
   " Well beef most of the time and damn good stuff too but don't tell her that. She's kind of under the impression that its-"
   "Human flesh"
   "Well yes."
   "Listen we don't have a lot of time. Did you get our owl?" Harry had to interupt him or he would carry on all night or was is morning?
    " No I didn't heard something tap on the window over there but-" 
   Ron ran out side and scouted around the aformentioned window until he found the letter he gave it to Neville who scanned it and then without hesitation said, "It'll be sort of like the DA again?"
   "Yeah," Harry lied. In truth he really didn't know but he'd do whatever it took to get Neville out of that greenhouse. "Really Neville we donon't have much time. Get some thing together quick and we'll all apparate."
   Neville popped out of the room for what seemed like only ma moment and then returned with all his things. They apparated from the green house leaving the lights on and a plate of steak for the plant.

   Ginny lived in an appartment in Diagon alley.  They had picked Fred and George up along the way and had been supplied with directions. Number 324 yes that is the right number. The stood by the door ringing the bell that hung there by a string. Nothing. Then footsteps could be heard drawing closer. The door opened.

   She was in high heels and some sort of lacey concoction. Her hair was mussed and her face was extremely flushed. First with anger then with embarrassment.
   "Ginny did you get our owl?"
   "Ron out!"
  "Ginny please you need to come now!" Ron pleaded
   "I think she would have come a minute ago if we hadn't interupted her," teased George.
  "George I'll kill you if you mess this up for me. You need to leave I have .... a friend... over."
  "Friend right." scoffed Fred almost disapprovingly.
   "Just leave please," and with that she shut the door in their faces and was about to walk back to the other room when she heard Ron yell, "it's from Grimauld place it's urgent," then desperately, "It'll be like the DA."
   She stopped cold for a moment opened and opened the door.
   "Harry is this going to take a lone time to explain?"
   "In a word: Yes." 
   "Well then you'll have to tell me on the way won't you?" she turned back, "Darling ...um .. I have to go now...yes"
   "What?" shouted the voice in the other room.
   "I have to go," she yelled as she grabbed her handbag and a coat.
   "When will you be back?"
  "I don't know ...never maybe...Goodbye."
   She stood outside the appartment with them looking rather flustered indeed. Harry stared at her, dazed and bewildered. Here she was in some little peice of lace dress and a coat ready to go hunt down Hermione with them while some strange man stayed in her appartment. This night had been flukey but this was to Harry's mind the strangest event of all.
   "Ahem... Ginny... you're ..but... you aren't just going to leave him in there are you?"
  "Why not it's his apartment?" Fred looked shocked, "Sorry I told you it was mine Fred but I wasn't sure I could trust you not to tell Mum and Dad. Well then, are we ready?" 
   "Not exactly we still need to get Luna."
   "Oh she'll be down at the Quibbler doubtless. She always is at this time of night."
   So they trecked to the head office of the Quibbler and found that Luna was the only one who had recieved their notice. She had a trunk with her and a wad of muggle cash stowed in her hand bag which was a moving (literally and figuratively) rendition of Van Gogh's starry night. 
   "Are you all set? I've been waiting for ages. Oh well no matter I churned out a special edition of the Quibbler in the meantime complete wi-. Ginny what on earth are you wearing?"
   "Oh sorry I was in a hurry just somethin I threw together at the last min-"
   "No don't be silly I love it don't change a thing," she turned to Harry, "What's the plan?"
   "Annecy in a half hour."
   Luna smiled that pleasant tranquil smile she was renowned for.
   "I'm game."

* * *