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Mission Statement
Hello everyone and welcome to the blog. Our goal is to provide quality fan ficiton by all of you fantastic writers. Feel free to tell me about art or stories you've written. Pitch them well and they may end up on our page. Tell your friends.
Okay so we talked and decided on some rules and regulations that I think everyone can agree on.
~You must address the fact that you do not own the said book or any of it's characters. It's a legal thing but you knew that.
~The format is pretty self explanatory.
I do not own...
Title of Work*
Reason for said rating.

* Denotes optional.

~If you are a fan writer you can ask someone to illustate the fic. You have to clear this with us before this happens. They will then post on their own LJ and will copy, paste and format it from there.
~ The same thing goes for artists who find a story they really would like to illustrate.
~Lastly don't be a parade rainer. Everybody likes to feel appreciated so don't go around pointing out flaws in other people's work.

The Founders
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