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   Here is a fic that was inspired by so many things. It's…

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   Here is a fic that was inspired by so many things. It's sort of a wild goose chase with some crazy wizards through Europe in search of a fellow Hogwarts Alumni.I'm not going to name names you'll just have to wait and see. Also look for Little Shop of Horrors allusion.

We do not own Harry Potter. We wish we could say we did but we don't.

Title: Edge of the Earth
Genre: Dramedy
Rating: PG-13 for language and thematic elements

The war was over. It had been three years since they all graduated. Ron and Harry were aurors in London and were at present living in The Leaky Cauldron. Neville had gone into herbology to no one's great surprise and had become rather reclusive as of late. He was tampering with a particularly vicious breed of fly trap that had a rather nasty penchant for human blood. Luna and Ginny had graduated a year later and Luna had gone on to recieve a degree in English from a muggle university. She then went on to succeed her father as editor of the Quibbler and was recently consumed with making it a respectable publication. Ginny on the other hand was studying Defense Against the Dark Arts with Remus.

  The only person not accounted for was Hermione. Yes, she had spent the summer with Harry and Ron at the Weasly's but two days before she was set to head off to the Hapsburg University of Advanced Transfiguration (she had her eye on McGonagall's job) she disappeared. The boys woke up to find her drawers emptied as if she'd never been there at all. Harry preferred to take the blissfully ignorant approach and decided that she had simply wanted to beat the rush to Hapsburg and had gone early and them been too bogged down with work to write...for two years. He really didn't have much time to trouble himself with it lately. He and Ron had been exceedingly busy at Grimauld Place (which had been converted to the new HQ for London Aurors) trying to prevent a Death Eater resurgence. This time their main objective was containment. That was the problem last time around. No one had tried to contain the Death Eater situation until it was borderline out of control. To be frank he hadn't even thought of Hermione in the past few months until one night at the bar Ron set down his pint and sighed.
"What?" said Harry.
  "Dunno," Ron mused, "Work is a bitch."
   "Yeah but I reckon it'll be better soon once we get all former death eaters registered. Really isn't even our job though. Seems like it should be left to the ministry of ma-"
   "What do you suppose Hermione's up too."
  "Me erm....well...you see it's bit like... I really don't know. Why do you care so much now?"
  "I dunno," Ron sighed lugubriously then pointedly he said "She was our friend for seven years. Shouldn't  that mean something?"
  "Well yeah," Harry was desperately trying to salvage the situation, "I miss her. We should all get together if she's ever in town. I'm just really tired from work and thing s that's all. I think I just need to get to bed earlier," he was heading for the staircase, "You mind if I go?"
  "Meh? No not at all." 
   As Harry climbed the staircase Ron felt a lump forming in his throat. He didn't just miss Hermione he wanted her to come back and they could talk. About what they were doing about what had happened that summer. Just then he heard a resounding tap at the small window by the door. He went outside to find an owl with a letter clutched in his beak. A sense of forboding overwhelmed him and he shuddered a little as he took it and found it was addressed to Mr. Potter and Himself. The owl  preened, hooted twice and then took off into the night. He gazed at the parchment for a bit then went inside and padded up the staircase to Harry's room and rapped the door a dozen odd times before a very drowsy Harry opened the door.
"Come now, don't be a prat Ron can't it wait it wait until mo-"
  "No it can't. It's from Grimauld place. Open it." 
   Harry did so reluctantly and  found a small note bearing the vague inscription "Go to they portrait on the upper landing." Harry was in no mood to argue with anyone at this hour of the night and thought that the quickest and most effictive way to ensure his getting back to bed at all was to go with Ron. So they went to the upper landing and waited for a good fifteen minutes before a figure appeared in the oblong frame. It was the commissioner Astrid Beauvelle a striking severe woman with an angular face and sharp black eyes.

   "Evening gentlemen. I'll be brief. I was informed by Ministry officials that you blokes were especially chummy with a Hermione Granger. I should inform you that when she left your home three years ago Mr. Weasly she was reported missing she never reached Hapsburg. What's wrong Mr. Potter don't look so surprised didn't you know? Well you do now in any case. The point is not, however,that she was missing as much as it is that we now have some new insights into her whereabouts. She was spotted working at a muggle establishment in Paris two days ago, the Two Windmills a cafe. When the Ministry sent officials to check up on her she was gone. That's where you two come in. I am assigning you the task of assembling a team to track her down. We have no idea why she is evading us so I can only assume that she is  into some sort of trouble and who better to get her out of it than you. I have to run now sorry for the short notice but someone said they caught wind of her near Annecy so I expect you and your crew to meet me there at the Patiserie tomorrow morning for a baguette. Have a nice evening boys."

   And with that she was gone. Ron and Harry exchanged knowing looks and ran to their respective rooms packing everything they had. First stop Neville's.
* * *